Byline Bank - Jan 2021


This project was the first of its kind for me and for Orbit Media Studios. Byline Banks new website features a block library plugin I built that utilizes the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

There are several components to this project, but creating the ACF/Gutenberg block library was the biggest piece. Other components included: custom banner alert plugin, news article feed and filtering, locations templates.

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Content Blocks

Each content block is flexible and bulletproof. No matter what size screen or what order the blocks are displayed in on a page, they will always work well with the other elements on the page. By utilizing ACF and the Gutenberg block editor, I've made the administration of pages easy for even non-technical people, while retaining the ability for total customization and control from a development perspective.

ACF/Gutenberg Plugin

Using ACF for WordPress allows me to build almost any kind of content block imaginable. The Gutenberg block editor reflects changes to the blocks instantly, giving the administrator of pages an exact preview of what their page will look like to front end users.

This 2 minute video shows what editing blocks with my ACF/Gutenberg implementation looks like. With a single short training from myself, the admins at Byline Bank have successfully built over one hundred pages with this implementation.


The implementation of ACF/Gutenberg was so successful for this site that I created a new base WordPress deployment for all future sites built by Orbit Media Studios.

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