NuCurrent - Jan 2020


"Discover The Way To Wireless Power"

While this project was fairly straight forward in terms of functionality, it did have a lot of specific animations and all forms were integrated with HubSpot. The integration required using a Gravity Forms addon to make the connection between WordPress and Hubspot. Other than that one custom piece of functionality, the rest of the effort was spent making all the content blocks clean and sleek.

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Content Blocks

Here are some examples of content blocks the client was able to build out all their pages with. These blocks had lots of different calculated options. This enabled the client to present different content sections the way they wanted to, and the flow of the entire page would always look good. Many of the content blocks had keyframe animations on them to help them stand out. There are some animations in the video below.

Smooth way to show a set of images

All blocks can be used as a transition block. These blocks overlap 2 adjacent blocks, helping to break up the page content.

The timeline block has animations on almost every element.

Animated Tabbed Content

Keyframe Animations

A lot of thought was given to how animations could add some flare and uniqueness without getting in the way of functionality. The designer and I worked together to make sure all animations fit their branding.

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Check out their site to see how they used all the flexible content blocks I provided to build out clean, message driven pages.

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