Access Corp - Aug 2019


"Transform your information management"

Access came to Orbit looking to re-platform their website because it was so difficult to administer content on the backend. My task was to understand how their site was built and administered, and completely restructure the templates and administration to be easier to use and more efficient. While restructuring their templates, I added features which gave them more flexibility to test out different content layouts. Access's old site had a very intricate set of animations on their home page which was leveraging several js libraries. Using only SASS and minimal js, I was able to closely simulate the animations while removing the heavy js libraries and making the content blocks more flexible and responsive.

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Content Blocks

Their design uses angles and lines to connect the different content blocks. It was a bit of a challenge at first but came together nicely. The user simply chooses if a block should have an angle or not; my code will then scan the content blocks and make sure the background and angle colors of all the blocks flow together.

The Migration

There were hundreds of pages, blog posts, and locations that all needed to be migrated over to the site I built. In addition, all the content in their templates needed to be migrated into the new content block system I built their site with. I coded a series of scripts which scraped all the different template types for the data and created xml files. I then imported these xml files into my site. Each iteration through a section in each template, created a new, corresponding content block and assigned it to the appropriate page. This was a very tricky puzzle, one which Orbit had never encountered. It ended up saving weeks worth of work in content entry and will be a process which will probably help in future projects.