Maropost - May 2019


"Simplifying Customer Engagement"

This was a challenging project. The designs were provided by the client, in Adobe XD, which I had never used before. The project was scoped out to take 8 weeks, I was tasked to build it in 4. With many custom post types using many shared and not shared taxonomies, many custom templates, data filtering, and hundreds of posts of different post types to migrate over from different subdomains, this was no small task.

The project ended up being deployed in 2 phases, as 4 weeks was not possible. However, I fully completed it in 6 weeks. I then led two, 2 hour training sessions for the clients on how to use all the features of the new site.

All post types:

  • Blog
  • Case Studies
  • Team
  • Integrations
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Customers
  • Press
  • Guides
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Responsive Design

Every website I build at Orbit Media Studios has a mobile first design. I use bootstrap and SASS to target different screen sizes and apply custom styles. This ensures that each page looks good and functions correctly on every device.

Learn Super Page

Four aggregated and filterable post types on one template:

  • Blog
  • Case Studies
  • Guides
  • Videos

All four of these custom post types have their own listing and detail temples, and are also aggregated and filterable on a single template using a custom WP Query. On the Learn page users can filter all four post types by post type, or the 2 shared taxonomies.

Flexible Responsive Content Blocks

This site required many content blocks, and all of them were built to be very flexible.

This content block is a slider of 50-50 content blocks!

Standard 50-50 content block.

As an admin, simply click on the team members name from a list of all team members and the block pulls in the data and displays it.

An elegant way to display their plans and features. This content block resembles a table but is very responsive.

A stylish 3 column block with lots of different display options.

A variation of the 3 column block.

This content block pulls in and displays the data for whatever customers were chosen.

View maropost.com!

There are too many post types and content blocks and features to display here. Visit the site and checkout the features in action!