Downing Displays - Feb 2019


"BEST IN CLASS DESIGN. Our production team has over 50 years experience designing and fabricating custom and custom rental exhibits to bring your brand to life."

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Responsive Design

Every website I build at Orbit Media Studios has a mobile first design. I use bootstrap and SASS to target different screen sizes and apply custom styles. This ensures that each page looks good and functions correctly on every device.

Responsive content blocks

The content blocks for this site utilized imagery a lot. The locations block and gallery block were especially cool.

Gallery Listings Template

The central piece of their site is galleries of their exhibits. Each exhibit had many vibrant images to show off. This is a simple listing of all their projects with 3 taxonomies to filter by.

Single Gallery Template

At the top of each exhibit is a short description of the project, the logo of the client it was for, the taxonomy terms it's associated with, and the show it was featured at. Underneath the details, each exhibit features a large custom gallery block to show off the amazing signage they create.