Dart Bank - Feb 2019


"93 Years of Community Banking Welcome to the new Dart Bank website. We have upgraded our website for the convenience of you, our customer."

Some features of this site included:

  • Site Search
  • Blog
    • Search and Categories filters
    • Blog posts could also be toggled to be event listings
  • Mega Menu
  • Many responsive, flexible page content blocks
  • Custom sitewide message bar
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Responsive Design

Every website I build at Orbit Media Studios has a mobile first design. I use bootstrap and SASS to target different screen sizes and apply custom styles. This ensures that each page looks good and functions correctly on every device.

Content Blocks

The content blocks for this site had a very clean and simple design. The custom Google Maps block and the custom content slider block were the most fun to build.

This block leverages Googles API.

The client used this block mostly for navigation at the top or bottom of pages.

Very minimal testimonial block, filled with some test content.

Nicely formatted cards with a clear call to action at the bottom.

Blog Migration

The content to be migrated was all in a very dated CRM tool. The way the data was stored was so obscure. After reading up on some of the commands the CRM had, I was able to extract the data and organize it into nodes so I could import an XML file into Wordpress. Using a separate tool I downloaded all the images within the content and rewrote all the urls to match the new domain.

This was a tricky migration, but after learning a little bit about how the CRM worked, I was able to get 100% of the data migrated into WordPress.