Band Website - Jan 2017


I created this website for a band I was in that is no longer together. The site was completely hand coded and features a custom music player which played globally as you navigated around the site, and integration with Instagram and Bandsintown API's. I wanted to make the site feel like a HUD from a video game. So, each pages content was loaded in via ajax, enabling the global music player and no reloading of the top and bottom bars or background images.

You can see it in action here visit site archive

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Home Screen

The home screen always had a featured content piece, in this case it was a music video. On page load, the giant RYNO letters on the left fade into the background and the top and bottom bars slide in from off screen. I tried to create a video game effect of a settings coming into view when starting a match.

Global Music Player

The coolest thing about this site was the global music player. I built all the music players functionality with custom javascript. After playing a song on the music page, a progress bar would appear at the bottom, and a pause/play button appeared in the bottom left. As you navigate around the site the music continues to play. I know this is typically a website no-no but I figured it's a band website anyways.