Audit Tool Dashboard

U.S. Bank - Mar 2017


U.S. Bank provides credit cards to many different retailers and they want to make sure each retailers location is properly informing customers on the details of their available credit cards. Our solution was to have a third party auditing company send secret shoppers to each location at set intervals and fill out a simple audit form on their mobile devices. Using the data from the secret shoppers, we would display detailed reports to U.S. Bank reps.

The dashboard has a few different tools available. The U.S. Bank reps can create user accounts with varying permissions, view and download very detailed info filtered by retailer, store, state etc. They can also view graphs of the answered questions by retailer, graphs of the year over year totals, and login logs of the various users. I was told what data points would need to be shown and the rest was left up to me. Which layouts/colors to use, which graphs to use and how to display and query for the data were all up to me to design.

A typical project I do has 2-3 client reviews. This is the only project I've worked on that came back from review 1 with extremely minimal changes. This was the first application we built for U.S. Bank, and not too long after launching this tool, they were requesting we build them an even bigger tool. An e-class and quiz taking platform for their employees.

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The Audit Form

The form for the auditors was mostly auto populated, with the questions as simple yes/no buttons. They could also upload images if they thought it was necessary.

Store Detail Reporting

Admins could filter by retailer, store, state, and date. Clicking 'Create Report' would create a CSV for download. It would also bring up every stores detailed Q&A audit report.

Q&A Reporting

All 10 questions from the audit form has their own graph broken down by retailer; filterable by date.

Year over Year