Geo Fencing

Mattress Firm - May 2017


This marketing campaign was designed to drive traffic into Mattress Firm stores over the memorial day weekend. There were approximately 3,500 participating locations. Customers were directed to go to a participating Mattress Firm location, access the site from their smart phone, and register. After registration, the customer would play a flash animation game that would reveal a potential $3,000 mattress win, or a discount code. The flash game was developed by a third party and was fed data from my application to determine the various win/lose scenarios.

The promotion was so successful that Mattress Firm that we are in the process of setting up a similar campaign now.

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1. Landing Page

The landing page asked the user for location permission in order to continue.

2a. The Form

After location permission was granted, If the user was inside a Mattress firm store then the registration page was shown.

2b. Nearby Stores

If the user was not inside a Mattress Firm store they were shown Google Maps links to the 5 nearest locations.

3. Prize Reveal

After registration, users could play a flash game to win various prizes. There were several different win scenarios all with their own messaging and back end tracking. Email confirmations were sent to all winning participants.

All locations

While I built an entire analytics dashboard for them, this data was the most interesting to look at. Various data points showing where users were when they gave location permissions.