Sevilla Spain Dec, 2019

I went to Sevilla Spain alone for 10 days. I arrived on December 14th, 2019, unaware that in just a few months this would be one of the worst hit places in the world by Covid-19. It seems like a dream, seeing footage of all the massive crowds of people I was in every single day and night.

Sevilla was beautiful. I ran 13.5 miles around the city on the second day I was there. I met Anna that night. A few nights later I met a guy who led a club-hopping group at a hostel. Anna took me to all the must sees for Sevilla; I hit all the major clubs and had amazing nights with the hostel group. While the city itself is beautiful, all the people I met while I was there is what made the entire 10 days one of the best experiences of my life.

I had plans to return 6 months later, then Covid happen.